Thursday, May 02, 2013

eBay Get! Leather Wrap Pen Case

I've been on eBay a lot these past few months, and I've only taken an interest in buying things again as of late. I've been trying to replace my wallet and my pencil pouches something fierce, and those are the main reasons I've even taken interest in perusing the many wares hidden in every corner of eBay.

This pretty one caught my eye, and I was happy to buy it at the low low price of $3.99—actually, I was really happy. It was a good move, I believe, and while the shipping was a little slower than what I was used to, I was pretty excited to have it in my hands.

The case came wrapped in this thin plastic, which was very easy to remove. The product itself is incredibly smooth and soft. Sturdy even—just by feel, I could tell the test of time will prove that. There was only one fault I have with this product if any at all. It's trivial. Really.

The pen case is Twilight merch. Oh what cruel fate! You'd think I'd remember something like that when browsing over the product for as long as I was. And yet sadly, I don't remember this at all. Though to make up for it, I just say that I own this in honour of Robert Pattinson, because while I feel very dark emotions towards Twilight, I doubt I'll hate it more than he does.

Despite my strong reservations towards the questionable franchise as a whole, I'm really proud to say that I have such a handy accessory. It has been keeping my pens and art supplies well sheltered. The item is made from PU leather material; it didn't have a strong smell once unwrapped, which I was thankful for. I've had this item for about a week or so, and it's holding on strong so far. It's very handy, and I hope to have it for a pretty long time.

For those interested, I've bought this from the eBay seller rainbow0729. They sent me a message about the state of my product, which I was suprised to see in my inbox. They were the first to do so. So far, this is my first purchase from them, but I'm really glad I had such a positive experience.

If you buy anything from them, tell 'em GDR sent you!

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