Friday, June 16, 2017

REC·COMIC·DATIONS • Thicker Than Blood

How the hell have you been, GDR fam? Oh my good grief— it's been ages. I have tales of things that I have experienced and seen and fought and conquered. I have crossed rivers of broken wood, dilapidated stone beds, and empty Patreon halls— But instead of all that, we're going to talk about another comic that I've literally been a fan of for years. Are you ready? Because here we go.

Thicker Than Blood is an ongoing webcomic that takes place in the 17th century where demons and humans co-exist. The story revolves around a young man named Salvador, a royal soldier of The Five Crows. Of course, things are not quite as they may yet appear in the city of Pendulum.

Comic tags: Drama, Fantasy, Murder Mystery
Stats as of writing: In Progress – Currently on Ch 5 Pg 52

Setting: ext. Pendulum, evening

Someone with David Bowie pupils is stalking up to a woman under the street lamps. The woman is a damsel, well dressed in black with a head of thick, blonde hair, blank, unblinking eyes, and a snub face. They crack an axe against the back of the woman's head and— oh wait. It turns out that she's just a puppet. Just as the would be killer has this realisation, enter: Salvador, who has set up a trap to catch the infamous Body Snatcher of Tailor District.

The introduction gives you a small glimpse of what to expect. There's a bit of drama and dry humour in the first meeting between Salvador and the Body Snatcher. As you go on, the fashion becomes simultaneously more beautiful and ostentatious.

I have two things that I adore about the art direction: it's dated in a very rare and painterly way. It's breathtaking to see. It has a very classic feel to it, and it's incredibly appropriate for the period the comic takes place in. Another thing that I adore about the style is that even though it's so graceful, the characters are still incredibly expressive. Sometimes, the punchlines are delivered just through their expressions alone. It's really great.

Thicker than Blood was first uploaded on deviantArt on October 28 2014. And it's been going strong ever since. If this is the kind of thing you dig, I would definitely say to check it out. Go for the art, but stay for the story.

Thicker Than Blood
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