Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ultimate Ultimatum: DATE OR DIE!!

It's been a bit since I've talked about an indie game that I was super stoked about. And this year, I have two! One of which I will tell you about right… n–

Date or Die!! is a thrilling visual novel where the main theme revolves a dating reality game show where everyone plays for keeps. What's to keep? Your life, of course! The game consists of a colourful LGBT cast and a dynamite, sadistic host. To quote the creators: "In terms of inspiration, think Flavor of Love and The Bachelor meets Danganronpa!" Boy oh boy. I can't wait for the full version of this.

Date or Die!! was created using Ren'Py, and I love the game's UI design. It brings that added level of charm to the game's theme and overall execution. In the demo (the "Pilot Episode" slash Demo or Die!!), you play as Hero, and you can choose between two different characters to interact with: The Host, the smarmy - well - host of the game show, or Mesmer, the protag's childhood friend.

The game does have multiple endings, two for each if I remember correctly, and it's worth seeing both. The Host has the more dramatic differences between endings, but with Mesmer, you get to understand more of what the characters are thinking/feeling in this situation. The interactions are unique and eyebrow-waggle-worthy, if I do say so myself.

The Pilot Episode does come with music, which you can adjust in the preference menu. No sound effects or voice acting just yet. Perhaps there will be in the future. In the full version, you'll be able to see the whole cast of six unique contestants (who you can see on the start menu), learn their struggles, and maybe - just maybe - kill them. Or date them. Who the hell knows in this wonky world! The game is still in development, and there's no estimated release date as the developing team isn't working on this full time.

However! If you want to play, swing on over to the Date or Die!! and download it. It's available for both Windows and Mac! I'm eagerly awaiting the full release of this game. If you end up playing, I hope you're just as interested as I am.

Head to their official web site (updates are a bit slow here!) or follow DoD on twitter. And remember: tell 'em GDR sent ya!


  1. What a fun concept! I have no idea about games in general so it was fun reading about this one - it sounds like it could be a fun anime too!

  2. Right? I would love to see this as an anime, oh man. It would be awesome.
    I can't wait for this to be finished.
    There's been a lot of great indie games released this year.


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