Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Let's LVLUP!

Happy March 1st! Guess who's jumping back into the fray. And with music at that. It's been a while since I've listened to pop music, especially in English. So let me just say that I was incredibly taken aback when I listened to this group. Now that I've revealed that, let's talk about LVLUP.

I ran across this group because I was blog hopping. Turns out, a blogger is in this group, whoa! I decided to give their video Beautiful a listen, and it's really… Well, let's just say that the title is appropriate.

The members are Lilin, Impa, and Victoria. Turns out they were part of another group Lovelipop. Ohoho! The things you discover while you're writing a post. I remember Lovelipop; I listened to a couple of their songs. Very bubbly and candy sweet. LVLUP doesn't have the same flavour of sweetness. In fact, I think they've matured into their own style.

…… One could say…… they leveled up.

I only have two pretty small issues. Lilin's voice sounds auto-tuned. It does subtract from the full power of her voice. The video is well shot, but the editing washes out the girls, mainly Impa. Regardless of minor nitpicks, I ended up repeating their video several times. The video is very casual and dream-like.

The song definitely fits that dreamy, casual style as well. It's easy to grow into, and it has a romantic feel. If you like love songs, it'd be a good idea to listen to this. The beat dragged me off to a meditative state and really relaxed me.

They've also done a few covers which is on their YouTube. Their English cover of BAE BAE and their Japanese cover of Do You Love Me. (DYLM is actually how I found out they were in Lovelipop!)

Took me a few times to get nice screenshots because I am pro at catching the blurriest frames. Truth be told, I'm proud of them. I don't know them personally, but they've been in two groups and seem to be doing well for themselves. They definitely have a lot of potential to do something, and I'm rooting for them. I would love to see some behind the scenes videos from them, especially for this video.

Be sure to visit their official home page and YouTube channel. Their first single dropped last year in August, but if you like their sound, be sure to pick it up on iTunes.

Oh, and remember: the world is beautiful. ♫


  1. they look so cute! and the music is nice~ :)

    1. I agree! I really appreciate their style. It seems just like their own normal clothing, so they look really comfortable.

  2. They all look so cute!
    And even the music is great!



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