Sunday, March 06, 2016

Prince Not-So-Charming, Galavant

Aaaaah— What a charming little show. It's really hard for me to do a review about Galavant. I know just that it's one of my favourite shows right now.

One of my roommates, M, was the one who told me about this show. She was on YouTube browsing around and came across some of Galavant's first season clips. She told me about it, and we looked it up together. The first season is available on their YouTube, but each episode is $2.99. Considering the first season is only eight episodes, that's actually not bad at all.

We did end up watching all of season two on Hulu. Allow me to repeat myself: "Aaah, what a charming little show." Galavant's a self-aware musical and heroic tale. The jokes are smart; the cast can sing very, very well. The characters are written wonderfully. Timothy Omundson's in it. If you've seen Psych, you know him as Lassiter. Here, he plays as King Richard. This man looks really good with a beard. Like, wow. Look at him.

(from IMDB)
Look at this suave. Look at that hair.

The songs are catchy as hell too. They stick in a way, but thankfully not in a way that would drive you completely mad. Out of the entire second season, there was only one song that I didn't like/felt could be better. It was a rock princess sequence. Man, that could have been so cool.

One thing I do like about Galavant's story telling is that you don't need the entire first season to grasp what happened. You can actually watch some of the clips on GalavantVEVO and get a good recap. But there's still the mystery of how everything went down. I want to watch the world be set up; I want to get the full grasp of character developments. I want it all – and that's the sign of a great TV show. I'm satisfied, but I'm not complete. O Galavant! What torture you put me through.

Anything thing I like is that the show doesn't try too hard to be funny. The jokes are delivered with such ease, and it's all very subtle. For me, Galavant is a good comfort show. The second season ended recently. It's only ten episodes, and each one is half an hour. It's a very easy and quick show to marathon.

You can watch Galavant season two on Hulu or ABC Go. If you like musicals or just self-aware comedies, I really recommend checking this out.

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