Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dragon Age Combo Pack [2 of 2].

After a long time, we're finally wrapping up this combo pack. I haven't talked about Dragon Age II in a long time. Mostly because after I finished it, I jumped into other games while being obsessed with. Well, I'll get to that soon. Let's talk about the game a bit.

I don't really think there's a character I hated in my party. Merrill was annoying, but that's 90% because she's so damned hardheaded and can't listen to reason. Andy hates her, absolutely despises her, and wanted to subject her to the worst dialogue options as well as just leave her out of combat (if he could manage it). I didn't mind her so much, but damn. She's annoying.
Varric and Fenris are my bros in action, and Aveline has never, ever let me down. My lovely Aveline. I cherished Isabella for as long as she was around, and could only count the days until I saw Bethany again (if I ever saw her again). In my game, I played as a male rogue named Garrett Hawke.

I love the combat in Dragon Age II more only because I felt more frantic and yet in command. The flip-flopping dynamic made me enjoy the fruits of war better, and I loved listening to my companions and their banter. I really like the mechanics of the game. I loved the characters, their backgrounds, and the lore of the world. My favourite group of people is the Qunari. They're an efficient, almost Spartan like race. I both respect and fear the Qunari and their ways, though honestly, their society doesn't seem completely terrible. Sure the way they treat their mages is awful, but that's just the lay of the land in this world.

Outside of spawning a deep love and admiration for Fenris (and also adding onto the love I had for his voice actor!), Dragon Age II left me in a very creative mood. Because of this game, I've started on a project based on this realm, bleeding into the feel and set up of Inquisitions.

There are a few things I have to saw about Dragon Age II. Sometimes the dialogue options would loop, leaving a possibility for an infinite conversation thread. The game had numerous glitches, most of which were hilarious. For us, the camera would pan away from whoever was talking, and the characters would look off in completely different directions. Walking around, especially through Sundermount, wore on me quickly at times, and I had to take a few breaks or keep talking to Andy to keep myself interested. For all the action the game does provide, it does have long lapses of absolutely nothing. Companion gifts are less of a focus, which is only aggravating if you're trying to keep one of your companions around or if you're trying to build a rivalry quickly.

Dragon Age II, for me, left me excited about Dragon Age: Inquisition. It had a perfect setup to expect more, and I can't wait to see what else is next in this series. I also toyed around with reading the books, so that might also be a thing that happens between then and the next release.

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