Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Long Time, No eBay

Hey, guys, what's going on?

It's been a long little while since I've made a decent post. I've put aside the books that I've been reading as real life has called in the way of work. However, after finally settling down (more or less) in a new place, I have a clothing haul for you all.

This was part of my long fought trial and error process to find clothes that fit me. In one side of Chinese fashion, I'm a XS. At least I learned that much, and I didn't have to spend a lot of money to do so.

Trying to do these in the proper order, and first, let's go with the black shirt that I ordered first. I really liked the look of this shirt, so I went and got it.

I started with my current American size, but that proved to be too large for me in the men's section! The shirt fits long as the sleeves hang over my fingertips when worn. There's a lot of slack under the biceps, and while it fits snug across the front, most of the slack is in the back. Open, it would make a great secondary shirt, but even then it's sort of odd.

I'm keeping this shirt until I find it in a smaller size or find a similar shirt in my appropriate size. Also, I noticed that this is the only shirt out of the three from this seller that came with a size tag and sticker.

For whatever reason, this shirt is a lot more red on camera. Even with natural light on it, it's still more of a maroon colour. However, I haven't stepped outside with this shirt on, so it's a possibility that it is as red as pictured. Again, I like the design of this shirt. I really, really did, especially the collar.

Though the tag isn't pictured, it's a S, which I find funny that I still can't fit. I did become a little worried when I found a small doesn't fit. Small sizes in men's/unisex fashion is very hard for me to come by as it is, so anything smaller is nigh impossible.

That is until I found the shirt that fit me best.

This is a very simple shirt. No bells or whistles when it comes to it. I like the shirt a lot, and it's an XS! It also happens to be a casual shirt, which directly impacts my luck as far as eBay is concerned. My measurements are completely out of date, so I've had to guess in many respects. I'll more than likely end up buying the other two as well!

I like all of the shirts. They don't feel uncomfortable (especially the short sleeve). The material on the first two shirts doesn't wrinkle easily, but it does crease easily. Now that I know what to look for, I'll try to aim towards buying in this size. It'll be a little more difficult, but I'm willing to look out for it.

Also, I've bought other items that I feel deserve attention.

This shirt feels nice, and I've had the benefit of wearing it twice. Not like this—but that front frill looks really good with some kind of necklace to keep it all bunched together.

I don't know what's been wrong with my camera lately, but it's not taking good pictures lately. These are really nice high-waisted pants that I've wanted for so long. The best part about them is that they have pockets! The material hugs the body, but it really breathes. The back has the most useless butt flaps, so I'll try to remove those when I get a chance. It doesn't add to the aesthetic to me. It's just unnecessary butt flaps.

These pants are also a size smaller than I'm used to. In the Women's section, I bought them in US S/Chinese L. The shirt is "one size": US/AU/UK S.

Here are the listing items and seller's from top to bottom:
All of these sellers have really great things, and I know that I'll visit rightyoung and dannyin2010 much more in the future. I also bought harem pants, a necklace, a brooch (which, at this time, hasn't arrived), and a very (very!) flowy shirt. Everything considered, I didn't spend a lot for these items, though the wait time and delivery was a pain for some items.

I'm on the right track, but I'm still on the, what feels like, painfully infinite quest to find fashionable unisex clothes and items. I'm equal parts surprised and flattered at the emails I've received in my absence. Thank you all for your offers, and so sorry that I haven't had the time to properly accept. I'm hoping the deliver more content in the future and to speak with more of you soon.

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