Monday, October 06, 2014


But not completely. At least if I can help it.

I just wanted to say that I've taken a... very interesting step in life. I've gone back to a very unique background, and so because of that, I'm re-familiarizing myself with that genre as well as trying to rebrand myself.

This blog entry is to tell you all that content update will be slower. I know what you're thinking : "Slower, how could that be possible with everything as it is?" It's a smack in your face even, but I mean no harm. This slowdown is to make sure that I become more organised when I finally have things to update. That being said, I currently do have some content for you guys, and I will be introducing that hopefully within the next week or two.  There are still blogging nuances that I have to take care of before I indulge you.

Even though there will be a purposeful slowdown in content here, my network (Crow Based) will be ever expanding. Once activity picks up again, I hope to give you guys content that's more honest, helpful, and entertaining. There will be more discussion of my new project, as well. This will still be far from a personal diary, but to make for that you can expect more personality in my posts as well as more "day in the life of" posts. I'm expecting a full boot up in November 2014, but that could be me just being ambitious, ahahaha.

Thank you for your patience. Seriously, honestly, thank you.

Thank you for your emails and interests. Thank you for your collaborations and the few, few comments I've received. Seriously thank you. I never would have thought this blog would have gotten this far, but here we are! So let's keep going. I hope y'all are still as interested in Götterdämmerung in the future.

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