Sunday, September 14, 2014

Get Bumping with Vrb Headphones

Saluton, my friends! The good old camera is still broken, but I've been putting my time to use. I've been scouring high and low for some great things to show you, and I've found something of mutual interest.

I’m always on the search for something new, especially when it comes to my technological accessories. One of my frequent carry-ons are my headphones. I like to edit videos; I’m very big on gaming. Though I use my headphones for these projects, I don’t necessarily find myself carrying my headphones with me. But my love of music is building and so once again, I’ll need something that I’ll be able to carry with me. It’s only a shame that things get a bit tangled in my carrying case.

Bluetooth technology has been expanding in this respect.
Bluetooth speakers and headphones are gaining popularity, and because of that, they’re becoming more personable—more fashionable. Vrb Headphones are not only following this trend but are trying to improve the way that it’s approached.

Vrb Headphones are Bluetooth compatible, eco-friendly, long-lasting accessories. They’re not just comfortable, but they’re forgiving. Wearing earrings? Wear glasses? Need to walk into the kitchen to grab something to eat right quick? Vrb Headphones look like they could be your new friends.

The headphones were created by Melissa, Thomas, and Julie—a team of three dedicated to making something fashionable and also extremely wearable. But it’s not just about how the headphones look. It’s also about how they work. The sound quality is meant to be incredible with a long lasting battery life (up to 15 hours of continuous playback!). The battery life, when resting, can go up to 260 hours, and recharges in less than three hours. One of the handy things is that it does come with a USB cable to charge it, but it is a micro USB. Chances are you already have one laying about, but if you’re not sure, check around with your current tech. They’re lightweight but also durable. If you have a more active lifestyle (aka manhandle your headphones every now and again), you should, ultimately, be safe with Vrb Headphones. It seems to be all but waterproof, according to the crowd funding page, but you’ll be fine if you’re prone to perspiring.

The Kickstarter for the headphones gives a more detailed breakdown of the development process, which is always handy for those curious. The initial concepts were laid down in November 2013 and the Kickstarter itself started in July 2014. That’s pretty recent, but the response has been amazing. Vrb Headphones aimed to raise $16’000, but now with 307 backers, the Kickstarter has reached a resounding success of $36'319 (corrected and updated as of 20 September 2014).

Melissa Brown started this with a vision of wearable fashion and industrious technology, and with her talented, capable team and enthusiastic patrons, they’re all on their way to success.

If you want to know more, you would truly benefit from visiting the Kickstarter. You still have 34 days to get your ears bumping with the news. Definitely look into it, ask more questions about the product, really get yourself immersed—and even a little hype! Give this team some support however you can, and remember: GDR sent ya.

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