Thursday, May 12, 2016

Now That's Incredibox

Look at what I discovered at literally three in the morning. There's this incredible music web site called Incredibox, and I instantly fell in love with it. I mostly talk about things that I really enjoy on this blog, but truth be told, it's really hard for me to instantly like something, especially for a long time, but I really feel like this has something special.

Incredibox is a way to "express your musicality". Their words not mine, and in truth, I think it's pretty genius. You get a choice between instruments, percussions, effects, choruses, and beats. You drag and drop what you want onto a guy that slides on your screen, and bam! You get to hear the results in real time. Each musical choice you make has a different loading time because it's going to sync with the other choices you made in your mix track.

There's so much to talk about. WOW! We might as well dive under the covers for this one.

Incredibox is incredibly fun way to make music (seewhatIdidth–). In V1 "The Original", the characters you get are in basic black and white. Their T-shirt area fills up in black with the symbol that you drop onto them.

Above is my first attempt at The Original. SPOILER: Unlike the others, V1 doesn't have a share or record system, so if you want to replicate my track, please feel free to emulate this image!

As you can tell from their flattering faces, the characters actually make the sounds of what you put onto them. It's pretty neat! When you unlock a certain combination, the bonus symbols light up. I got the first and second ones on my first try. The first one matched up with what I was making. The second one, not so much, but it was cool either way!

V2 "Little Miss" is a step up from The Original. It's still in black and white, but now the characters are topless. When you drop a new effect on them, their clothes change accordingly. Now there's more personality! V2 also introduces the recording and sharing functions. This makes it much easier to spread the love. You can actually listen to my V2 mix track here.

Again, so absolutely flattering.

V3 is called "Sunrise" and now we're getting a splash of colour to match the outfit change. Also, the outfits give you an understanding of "genre" when it comes to your music choices. The symbols, while pretty – exceptionally so in V2's upgraded UI, are replaced with genre attire icons. You can listen to my V3 mix track here.

"The Love" makes up V4, and it changes up a few of the things that you got to know in V3. The outfits have changed as have the music choices. You can listen to my V4 mix track here.

As with V1, there are bonuses, but they're a mystery to figure out. You'll just have to have the right combo to discover them! I so far have discovered none.

Here are some of the more technical bits to know about Incredibox. You don't need a perfect ear for music, but you will need to have your computer up at a pretty decent volume. Headphones, I will say, would even be a bonus. Some of the choices are a bit more subtle than others, so while the melodies are perfectly audible at 20% volume and lower, some of the beats will go unheard.

When using the record function for V2 - V4, you will have to record for a minimum of 10 loops. There are 40 loops maximum that you can record for, but you must have a minimum of at least ten. Otherwise, you will get an error message and your current track will be erased. Unfortunately, this is still an issue, even with The Love which is a 2014 version.

Also, here's another thing to know when it comes to recording. Starting and ending the loops where you want isn't a precise science, so you'll have to do your best to guess where it might start or where it should end.

You can download your own track after you've hit the minimum. The file exports into WAV format. You fill it with your email address, your DJ name, the mix name, and a line for dedication. I'm not sure if the dedication has to be just that, but I've dedicated my tracks to my friends (the fam), my sense of self, and life.

Incredibox encourages users to share their mixes. Feel free to share mine on twitter; @ me if you want me to listen to yours or comment them down below. You can also download my pseudo album called MAYself, dedicated to my new chapter in life/current moving plans.

Here's the MAYself tracklist (by me, your DJ, DJ SAGIM):
      1. the afternoon ride to town
      2. Saturday's Mistakes
      3. DISCOVERED myself

You're free to use any mix you make with Incredibox for personal, non-commerical projects and even student projects. Please, please be respectful of that. This is an amazing thing and has a very educational foundation.

I recommend this 150% this; it's is so much fun, and it allows me to create music that's purely my style that I can drill into my brain by playing 150 times a day.

If you want to be a part of this, please check out Incredibox's home page. Follow the creativity on Facebook, twitter, and YouTube. You can download Incredibox on the App Store for $2.99 USD (which sounds like a great idea), and while you're at it, go show Incredibox's online store some love.

Link drops all around, but y'all, I really love this product. It's such a wonderful idea, and I just want to be part of spreading the love. And remember: tell them GDR sent ya.

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