Sunday, July 06, 2014

Let's Go Local: Hotel Indigo — A Long Gone Review

Let me preface this by saying the last time I've stepped foot inside Hotel Indigo was in 2012. However, I've been suffering a great wave of nostalgia lately because of the people I meet at work. After a particularly pleasant encounter, I decided to say something about this hotel. Aah, yes. I, strangely, remember this like it was yesterday.

The one that I ended up staying in was in Atlanta Midtown across from the Fox Theatre. Despite being in the center of such heavy traffic, it actually wasn't that bad or that noisy. I was actually pretty surprised. Hotel Indigo is in a good place for walking. There's a park, a couple of laundromats, an ice creamery, and a few other choice places to go visit that aren't that expensive. There's a lovely place to eat called Mary Mac's, and if you're ever in the area, you should definitely visit. (The bakery, La Mongerie, is also in this area.) The price range isn't the worst I've ever seen (actually, it was pretty low considering its location). We rented ours, I believe, at $125/night for two adults. I could be wrong, but I don't remember it being any more than $130/night. Not bad, really.

The staff was incredibly nice, and the house keeping was frighteningly fast. We joked with the front clerk, and the bartender seemed very nice and chill. The late night staff was helpful, and thankfully not annoyingly energetic. The front desk (who was mostly the same guy we talked to our entire stay—I think we only talked to one different person) was incredibly patient with our—read: my—issues connecting to their Wi-Fi.

There wasn't a vending machine on our floor, if I remember correctly, and we never caught breakfast there at all. Our room size was pretty standard. We didn't have a mini-fridge or anything like that. And our bathroom was compact, but it wasn't frustratingly small. I did have to get used to the toilet being directly across from the mirror. I mostly just stared at the sink or my feet whenever I turned to face it. (I hate mirrors a lot;;) I remember when you open the door there's a counter to your immediate right. It spanned towards a wardrobe (which was relatively spacious). The counter itself had a very nice mirror, which I, again, mostly avoided looking into.

Since we were in Midtown, Hotel Indigo was fixed in a perfect place away from all of our destinations whether we went by car or by foot. I do recommend that people look into this Hotel Indigo location if they come to the Atlanta area. The room A/C works (too well); the hotel is very well conditioned, and the staff is actually quite nice.

While I've never booked with them, I've been through everything else (checking in, adding a guest to your room list, getting a key card, parking, and so on). I hope that this helps anyone, and if you're ever interested, remember: tell 'em GDR sent ya.

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