Saturday, December 14, 2013

Totally Wiggin' Out: eBay Get!

So I have a lot of packages coming in from eBay. I landed a pretty nice gig, and I sort of, er, spoiled myself this holiday season. I've been rather generous to others too, but let's be real: I finally have an excuse to cut my watch list in half. One of the things I bought was a new wig. I've been antsing for something blond-ish, but not too overpowering like one of my other ones. One of the wigs I ended up getting was this little gem.

I was really worried about how it was going to turn out, because in its description it said it was "gray", but it looked well, like this. So I was fringe-worrying that it was actually going to turn out grey and not this interesting tri-toned blond colour.

(when I'm not holding it, it looks like it gave up on life)

It has a lot of movement for a wig, I'm really impressed. The one thing that I hate, hate, hate about this wig is that it sheds mercilessly, especially straight out of the bag. I think I got the most of its shedding rebellion, but there are still long hairs that fall out. So that's one big negative about this thing: it does shed like crazy when it really wants to.

It adjusts really well to my head; I hardly ever have to fix the wig itself. As far as styling, it's incredibly forgiving and styles wonderfully. I can use my Gatsby on it too. Since I don't have to use a lot, I can get an interesting gyaru-o host looking effect. Needless to say, I'm really won over by this wig. I can style it, or I can shake my head and have it do its own thing. It still looks good. A little messy, but if I'm really too pressed about it, I can just shake my head again and start over.

Fingercombing, strangely enough, makes it a bit more complicated. If you're just styling it, it's fine, but if you're desperately trying to comb it out of your hair, it becomes a trap. That sheds. Be careful because it can get in your eyes.

It can pass for relatively normal in normal light (as you can see above), but in too strong a light or under unnatural lights (indoor lamps and such), it can look very much like a shiny wig. All the same, it passes all of my tests. It's light; it styles well; and it looks far better than I expected it to. Even with the cons of possible shininess and shedding, I'm pretty satisfied with this purchase.

If you're interested in this wig, head over to the direct listing (oops guess the item's sold out, I suppose). Welp! If you're interested, you can check out the link for more related items from other sellers. Ahahaha;;; (⌒-⌒; )

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