Friday, October 25, 2013

Mission Success!

I won't explain what happened, but I recently did something irrevocably stupid. So all of the pictures on the blog, except for those in the Droplets post and those that were linked, were all missing and broken. Even the blog background went missing for a while. So for the past three days, I've been fixing all the links and photos on the blog. Some posts have footers added to them, so everything looks uniform. I can't believe that happened, but I'm glad that it's finally done.

Now I'm never touching Google Photos again until I get an external hard drive. Some posts are completely missing. I'm not sure if they were somehow deleted or if I never got around to writing them. Whatever the case, I'm going to be rewriting/writing them for the first time soon. If you noticed this mistake, then don't worry about it now, everything's been fixed. If I missed anything, then please be sure to let me know. Thanks, guys.

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