Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Til The Cows Come Home [With Business Cards]

This year is all about doing things that I [a] haven't done in a while and/or [b] really wanted to do but haven't had the chance or expenses to do so. In this case, I got do to something that I haven't had a chance to do. I went to to get some business cards.

When trying some new places, I like to look for any special offers they have or a refund policy. It's because I want to see what they have to offer. I don't mind paying full price for anything, even if I'm a first time customer, but I want to at least know that I can return it or have some contact information in case I'm displeased. What makes me happy is that I have next to no complaints about the 10 free business cards from

First off, it only took five days for me to get the free cards. I was told that the ETA would be Sept. 16th, but they actually came five days early. (5)55—that's the lucky number.

Since the cards are free, they come with a watermark. Which is more or less okay, because I don't want to pass out the cards as they are. They're incredibly bland. Unlike Vistaprint, you can't really choose from a template for the face of the card at least. That's just a slight negative for me because it allows you to put your own image on the card, but the back is just a blank slate. Can't really help that one for free cards. So this doesn't really reflect on how I feel on the service (free or not) as a whole.

My name was on there, but I took it out (ohohoho). As you can see, this information is a little outdated because I bought the domain and everything weren't cleared by the time I put an a mock order for the cards. I think that's fine because I can at least judge the quality, the timeliness of the cards, and so on.

These are very standard cards, made from very basic cardstock. The plus is that these feel a bit smoother than usual. There are different card types to choose from (like Luxe, Minicards, and then earth saving card stock). Honestly, I can't wait to actually buy and try their products. One thing that makes me want to get really up and close with is the fact that these were free cards.

FREE. There's no better price for something like this.

In all seriousness though, I'm happy with my sample. Because the information is now officially outdated, I now have an official reason to seriously invest in cards. Though when I was uploading my image for the cards, I was informed that it would probably come out blurry, they actually came out beautifully. For something so simple, I'm impressed with how orderly and how quickly they came.

If you want to get 10 free cards yourself, head on over to MOO to try 10 Sample Business Cards for free. I'm not affiliated with them, but I'm very enthused to tell them about my satisfaction with just these samples.

Enjoy additional pictures below!

(front of the card on elevated stock)

(back! whoa, look at all those goods, wink wink)

Once you take the cards out, they're in this little pack. That's pretty neat.
This is the front. . .

. . .And this is the back!

When you take out the cards, this is at the bottom of the container.
Not gonna lie, it's reading my mind.

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