Thursday, August 29, 2013

[Semi-] Natural Brows Finally Attainable

Finally got some browns! And they're not kohl liners. I've needed some brown pencils for my eyebrows. The eyeshadow method works best if I've primed my face, and sometimes I can't be bothered to go through that much effort if I'm being completely honest. To preface, they were 99cents each, so not a bad deal at all.

Wild and Crazy is known for their affordable products, and I have a few of their items, and everything I have is basically a winner for what I've paid. I don't typical use makeup frequently, but now that I have some browns, I just might be able to do so.

Now technically, I have two brows and a purple. Who knows, I might actually one day be able to push outside of my current, sort of mundane natural look and do something a wee bit more adventurous. Who knows. No really, who because I'ven't the slightest idea.

From L to R; 4937|Brown - 4717|Mud - 4703|Royalty

They have such a smooth application. I'm really fond of them. Brown, as you can see, is a true brown colour and shows up nicely against my skin. Though Mud is a really colour as well. I sometimes use it on the inner parts of the brow for a nice gradient effect, and for me, it's a nice eye liner and a good, subtle contour for the nose. Yeah, I'm just using it all over the place. Royalty is a plum deal.

They're all matte and have not added shine or glisten once applied. I applied them on my hand and rolled my wrist in the sunlight. The only one that really catches the light out of these three is Royalty.

And now! Prepare for a wall of comparison photos (which some added notes, of course).

L to R: Brown (well used already), Mud, Royalty.

These are all of my current and frequently used brow pencils and liners. I have more; these are just the ones I use the most/care about. From L → R: Avon Spectra Define in L01 Black; ULTA brand kohl liner in Black/Brown; Wild and Crazy eye liner in Brown; Wild and Crazy auto eye liner in Mud; Wild and Crazy auto eye liner in Royalty.  

ULTA Kohl Black/Brown vs. Wild and Crazy Brown

L → R: ULTA; Avon; Brown; Mud; Royalty

(Better Angle/After putting hand in water) L → R: ULTA; Avon; Brown; Mud; Royalty

(After applying lotion) L → R: ULTA; Avon; Brown; Mud; Royalty

As you can see, the Wild and Crazy brown is the one that suffers the most from the water/lotion application. An interesting thing to note, though, is that when I first got them, I swatched them on the back of my hand just to see what the colour contrast would look like on my skin. I spent the whole day with them applied. Even after washing my hands, washing dishes, and two showers, I could still see the lines drawn clearly on my skin and they only faded away two days ago!

And yet, with the lotion, they, the Wild and Crazy products, faded away much faster. It's an interesting thing I've noticed that I actually find pretty curious (and a little funny).

So my ultimate assessment of these? ...

Very simple. Go get 'em.  The best thing about these is that they're not expensive. You can find 'em for 99cents or $1.39, either price will be at beauty supply stores or stores like Kmart. They look natural, especially for brows. They feel great when they apply, but if you have a dry face, please make sure to moisturise before hand or your eyebrows will itch like crazy. Perhaps even Wild and Cra— Okay, maybe not.

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