Saturday, June 29, 2013

Two Books, Two Publishers.

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It's always been something of a dream of mine to get my books published. Despite working on things as a kid, I haven't been as active in my more adult life. I have started working on two books, and they're both relatively finished. I decided to share them both for free, but due to the feedback I've received, I once again began to toy with that "dream" of mine. Should I go ahead and put these works up for sale? After much deliberation and conflict, I've decided to look at the two most likely publishers I currently have on hand and in mind.

I've originally talked about Lulu in a previous review. Lulu works just like a regular publishing company. The only difference is that you the artist get to choose your book size, cover type (B&W or full colour), cover design, and so on. Essentially, this is what the revenue on Lulu would look like for me. It's very in-depth, and I really appreciate its style. However, to cover the printing and so on, my price for the book is more than what I would have originally sold it for.

I'm familiar with Lulu's publishing style, and currently, I'm debating on selling only one of the books there at this point. The price, ideally, would be $10, which you see in the chart above. What makes it good is that I can also sell Apollo's Glare as an eBook as well as a physically printed book. I'd love to have my own copy sitting with me, and it's good to know AG can be sold on mobile markets.

And now we move onto.

With Scribd, I've been on this site on and off for a few years. It has greatly improved, and I'm an extremely happy user there. I've read a few books that I personally enjoy, and it's just an even better marketplace. Unlike Lulu, I'm quicker to update this place, but again unlike Lulu, this is a strictly eBook marketplace, so you won't get a physical copy of what you buy. I prefer a physical copy, but I love the speed of buying an eBook.

Since the process to update Scribd is a lot faster than it is to update Lulu, I have both books stocked there, and I plan on having them on sale in the marketplace, possibly after getting cover art for them. Who knows. I'm not entirely sure now.

They're both good candidates as publishers and sellers. They do have a lot of traffic going through their sites, and Lulu does give a more professional feel to it. Scribd has a casual air to it, and it feels more like a community. Not quite sure if that makes sense, but. No matter where I end up publishing them, I do believe I'm in good hands either way. If you're looking to sell your printed works, I do recommend that you at least sign up and look around both of these sites.

You don't have to worry about a membership fee to sign up, to use any of the features you want, or anything like that. It's at least good to look around at the other works there, to see how the sites function, and generally just get my footing. Again, my highest recommendations to both of these web sites. If you do end up using them, let me know your experiences and also feel free to plug your works in the comments below.

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