Thursday, May 23, 2013

You're Such a DollDelight.

I know that I've been pretty underground lately. Trust me, I've been receiving a lot of stuff lately, but I won't be reviewing them for some time. The weather is unrelenting for some of these reviews, wah. But while you wait, I want to tell you about Cyril Lumboy from

Here she is, modeling one of her own designs.

She is a talented, sweet person who I've had the grace of talking to. Her ability to create different styles and coordinate different looks made me very interested in her! I can't remember how I originally found her, but I'm very fond of artisans, especially designers and costume makers. She fits that bill perfectly, ranging from full dresses to simple accessories.

One of her models wearing her designs

She has a number of sponsors, one of her most notable being Romwe. Despite this, this works hard in making her own designs and in promoting herself. I like that sort of tenacity in people, man. Romwe. Once upon a time, I tried to get under their wing. It just wasn't meant to be, younger me. Not meant to be.

Currently, her activities include attending FanimeCon. She'll be hosting a panel there and hosting a fashion show. Be sure to give her your support, and remember, tell her GDR sent you.

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She even has a StoreEnvy for those interested.

Check below the cut for more of her designs.

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