Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let's Go Local: Gentry Shop Formal Wear

So I finally did it. I went and got my measurements taken—for men. Oh thank goodness. Because I have a small build, it makes it damn near impossible for me to buy clothes online without doing an extreme amount of converting from US to Chinese or Korean sizes, so I mostly just do my shopping at a thrift store or a Burlington's. And even then, I have to eyeball the clothes because I can never be too sure what fits right.

But now, I understand. I finally have a serious and detailed male sizing for me. And it's all thanks to Gentry Shop Formal Wear.

I've never taken note of the shops next to the Bank of America on Hwy 78. If anything, I just go to the Big Lots and call it a day. And hardly that anymore. But on Thursday, since I was already out, I decided to pop into this shop where I met this lovely and chatty woman named Valerie. She was a great help; she took my measurements, explained to me the sort of shirt I should buy for myself, and also showed off the expertly designed expanse of the shop. I felt very welcome there.

It didn't take long to get squared away, but I learned that Gentry Shop Formal Wear does a lot more than just formal wear, for say proms. They do screen-printing, band merchandising, weddings (with the exceptions of dresses, limo services, and invitations), and even trophies. These are just a few of their extensive services. I'm not going to lie. They do so much that I wasn't able to remember it all.

I don't go to many of the local shops here in Gwinnett even though I told myself to start doing that. In the future, when things look more stable, I'm going to have to start doing more business here some way, somehow. If you're in the area, it'd be best to go for yourselves and take a look around. Drop by and ask for Valerie. Oh and don't forget: tell her GDR sent you!

The Gentry Shop Formal Wear
2479 Heritage Village, Snellville, GA 30078

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