Sunday, January 13, 2013

Samples are a Boy's Best Friend.

When I was living just a county or so away, my mother gave me a bag of product samples to work with. She had gone to some sort of event that promoted products for ethnic women. All I know is that she came back with a full bag of materials. They were mostly hair products, but there were a few skin products mixed in there. I decided to use a couple of them for the first time.

Let's start with the sample moisturizer. There were a lot of baby-esque products here, which, for me, I never go against because baby products work great on my sometimes too dry skin. Instead of using my other lotions, I just used this for my hands and elbows on my way out the door. Let me tell you, this made me feel soft and amazing. My hands didn't feel oily or slippery after, and it settled into my skin fairly quick. I felt soft all throughout the day, and I couldn't stop touching my hands. If you buy this for yourself or for a young child, the payoff is definitely there. I might invest in the full size product myself.

I have thick, coarse hair, and I can't use many products even for ethnic people. Despite how thick my hair is, it's been falling out predominately from stress. Because of that, I have to take care of it and find items that soften and nurture my hair to encourage it to grow. This has a nice sent to it, and I admire this product greatly. If there's a way I could purchase this, I would in a heartbeat. Ain't no shame in my game!

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