Sunday, September 16, 2012

FancyPocket Singapore

FancyPocket Singapore is a small online store selling accessories and occasionally costumes and apparel. I can't remember when I first stumbled upon the site, but I've been shopping there for years. The items are shipped in a bubble wrapped package and is delivered in amazing condition. One of my most notable purchases has been a cross cuff earrings.

However, don't go in expecting to stumble upon miracle wear. There are some minor issues with the products. For instance, my cuff earring is unbearably tight on my ear lobe, and adjusting is not much of an option as I don't want to ruin the accessory itself. That being said, I'm still incredibly happy with my purchase. especially for the low prices. What can be said is that this shop is truly a find. The customer service is nothing short of polite.

The web site itself is cute and welcoming. The top banner is oftentimes mismatch, but that almost adds to the charm of the site. As of today, I checked the site for the first time in almost a year, and the site is down. I'm not sure when it will come back online, but I will try to stay updated on its status.

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